Camp Cards Help More Scouts Attend Summer Camp!
        Help R Youth is proud to be an official licensee of the Boy Scouts of America!

Why our Camp Cards?

We Guarantee the best priced Camp Card!

We guarantee the fastest turnaround time!

We offer free design and artwork!

We will even help you add vendors to your camp card for free!

Our primary objective is to help more Scouts attend summer camp where they’ll have an outstanding outdoor experience, reinforcing their desire to stay in Scouting.

Our Camp Cards offer the buyer a flexible, high-value item that lasts longer than a few minutes – plus the personal artwork we provide reminds the buyer of Scouting when they use their card throughout the rest of the year. Most importantly, we will even help you add some major vendors to your card for FREE!

Our Camp Cards are easy to transport, distribute, store, sell, and maintain in good condition. Your Council will find that Camp Cards are easier to manage than other fundraisers.

Council's throughout the country that have used our cards have had incredible success - we'd like to bring that success to your Council!

What are Camp Cards?         

 “Camp Cards” are discount cards that offer buyers discounts at several local merchants. Cards include a few snap-off coupons and anywhere from 6-12 year-long discount offers. Cards offer around $150-$250 in value to the card buyer. Council's all across the country are encouraged to participate in this fundraiser, which provides outstanding return to their Scouts, to help them attend summer camp!

                Help R Youth is proud to be an official licensee of the Boy Scouts of America

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